1. Take exterior photos now

First impressions are everything. It’s hard to show prospective buyers the full potential of your yard with the accumulation of snow, your patio set covered or put away, and the pool closed. Providing them with photos taken in the summer/fall helps them visualize your beautiful yard in its best light.

2. Get pre-approved & lock in your interest rate for up to 120 days

Did you know that you can secure an interest rate against possible increases for up to 120 days with a mortgage pre-approval? If you’re waiting on the sidelines for the right time to buy, getting pre-approved now is key. When interest rates continue to rise, so does the mortgage stress test – which means a reduction in your purchasing power. It costs you nothing to see where your finances stand today and could mean qualifying for a higher purchase price. This also helps to simplify your buying process by determining your purchasing power, especially when it comes to making an offer.

3. Pump out & check septic tank

Tanks with too much accumulated sludge can potentially cause problems in the winter and fixing a failed septic system in the winter can prove to be way more costly, or impossible, due to snow or ice coverage and trying to reach/locate your septic system. Potential purchasers feel much more comfortable with a recent clean bill of health from a professional septic company as well as a receipt with your most recent pump out date.

4. Complete exterior paint touch ups before temperatures plummet

Painting the exterior of your home is a cost-effective way to improve curb appeal. As you prepare to list your home in the new year, it’s best to get your paint touch ups done before it gets too cold outside. The colder the air is outside your exterior paint may take a long time to dry or not dry properly. Paint also helps to add a layer of protection from excess moisture brought on by winter precipitation.

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