5 Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale

Home staging is a method of decorating meant to highlight your home’s most impressive assets and help Buyers imagine themselves moving in and living there. To maximize your home’s value, you want it to look its absolute best for potential purchasers. Here are 5 quick home staging tips that can make a substantial impact.
1️. Stage where it counts

Not all rooms are considered equal when it comes to home staging. You want to focus your efforts on the rooms that have the biggest potential to influence Buyers’ decisions. The rooms that hold the most importance are the family/living room, primary bedroom, and the kitchen.
2️. De-personalize the space

One of the main objectives of home staging is to help Buyers visualize the space as their own. The fastest way to accomplish this is to set as blank of a canvas as you can by removing personal photos, things hanging on the fridge, toothbrushes on the counter, all things that alter the Buyers’ experience from easily imagining themselves living in the space.
3️. Get rid of clutter

Clutter takes up space, and space is what sells. Make your home look bigger and more desirable by editing down to just the basics. To minimize clutter, it helps to categorize into separate piles: keep, donate, and trash. This not only helps when preparing for the sale of your home, but also expedites the packing process when moving day arrives.
4️. Rearrange your furniture

Consider how functional your home’s layout and furniture design is. Functionality matters, which is why evaluating and rearranging the layout of your home may help leave a positive impression on potential purchasers. You want there to be as much open, walkable space as possible. This not only helps prospective Buyers navigate the space, but also helps them better visualize how their own furniture would fit in to each room.
5️. Let the light in

Brighten up the space by letting as much natural light flood the house as possible. Open the blinds on all the windows, which in addition to letting in more light will also make rooms seem bigger. Remember to turn on all the lights in your house for showings, including lamps. This well help make your home appear more welcoming!

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