Landscaping Tips To Sell Your Home

Landscaping is the “welcome mat” for a home! It’s the first impression a buyer receives for a home’s curb appeal, setting the tone for the rest of your home’s design, and the amount of perceived care you pour into maintenance throughout. We have partnered with Mifsud Landscape and Design to bring you these 5 tips on how to make your yard a selling feature and bring buyers through the front door!

1. Don’t Overlook the Small Stuff

The most basic landscaping task is to make sure that your lawn is upkept and preferably green! Between watering, weeding and mowing, ensuring that your grass is looking healthy and maintained is key. If your lawn is unsalvageable consider putting in new sod, it’s worth the investment. Other routine maintenance things to keep up with are trimming back trees, make sure to cut down branches that are hanging too low and blocking the view of the house, and trimming all of your bushes – it is so important to make sure they are not blocking any windows. Putting down fresh mulch is inexpensive and dramatically increases the overall appearance of your yard, it also helps to keep the weeds at bay. Ensure all additional yard tools and equipment are neatly tucked away in the garage or a storage shed for showings.

2. Limit Your Pops of Colour

Use flowers as a nice pop of colour to stand out amongst others, just be careful not to have too many colours or variations at once as it can start to look messy. A couple of potted plants on a porch or patio with 1 or 2 featured colours (mixed with white and greens) will add cohesive charm and character to the exterior of your home. If you don’t already have any flowerbeds or landscaping (new builds etc.!), consider installing at least one at the front. Fill it with greenery and low maintenance plants, and your curb appeal will improve dramatically. A little goes a long way!

3. Pristine Pool Condition

If you have a pool, it is essential to have it in pristine condition for every showing. Your pool, deck, and equipment should be spruced up by a deep cleaning/power washing. Remember to re-caulk, grout, and replace worn or broken pool parts. Ensure your pool is vacuumed and any debris is scooped daily so that it appears clean & bright. Any additional pool equipment should be neatly tucked away in a garage or storage shed so that your pool area remains looking tidy – do not leave your large solar cover out for showings!

4. Pressure Washing – Most Affordable Face Lift

Pressure washing will not only significantly improve your curb appeal but is also beneficial to the health of the home. Because we live in an area with harsh climates the seasonal changes can take a toll on any building materials. Mold and mildew can settle into surfaces outside of your home and are a common irritant to those who suffer from asthma and allergies. By pressure washing your home this prevents the build-up of those substances and it’s one of the most affordable ways to make your home look brand new! You can rent one or purchase a very decent unit for under $200.00. You can also try pressure washing fences, decks and patio stones – you’ll be surprised how fresh everything looks with a good power wash.

5. Fence Quality & Condition

If your fence is not in the best shape, it’s best to fix it before putting your home on the market. If it’s damaged, broken, or leaning you’ll want to get it repaired and straightened as it communicates care to potential purchasers. A well maintained fence is also attractive in terms of privacy, and safety for those with dogs and small children. If your fence is worn or discoloured, you should try pressure washing it to return it to its original colour or adding a fresh coat of paint to have it showing its best.

By utilizing these tips prior to your homes debut, pride in home ownership will be conveyed to potential buyers when your home hits the market! Your home will be a standout and your yard will have people saying “SOLD”. If you’re looking to work with a talented local landscaping company, we highly recommend you check out Mifsud Landscape and Design. @mifsudlandscapeanddesign

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